Willful Warrior

The Willful Warrior is led by Leland Holgate Sr., a combat veteran, former quadriplegic, and now studying Psychology & Neuroscience with a forthcoming double Doctorate in Neurochemistry & Neuropsychology.
The Welcome Home Method is a combination of very unique breathwork and meditation practices. It is designed to bring you back to the hormonal, cardiovascular, and neurological center; where you are calm, compassionate, clear-minded, and aware.
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A natural flow state, where we walk through life with grace and nobility, creating life rather than surviving its events.
We all know life can get messy, bogging down our minds and bodies with trauma. In this state, it is easy to get stuck in repetitive cycles of negativity that change who we are and how we perceive and interact with the world.
The Welcome Home Method breaks you out of this cycle by returning you to a balanced state of being, energized and ready to deal with the challenges of life in an efficient easy manner. It gives you the ability to see opportunities where you would have only seen stressful challenges.