Full-Service Platform

customized & Tailored
for Your EE-Center

Simple Reservations

Suggested follow up text composed by successful EE-Center writing team is included in Your CRM

Optimize your relationship with your members.


Event Planning & Implementation

Create, manage & promote events for your Center, all on Your Custom platform​

Events Include:

Packages & Gift Cards

Offer yourMembers the option to purchase Bulk Hours. Then, when a member reserves time, they will "Pay From Your Wallet". SMS & emails are automatically generated confirming their reservation & updating your member of their new Wallet Balance, Login TO A SPREADSHEET NOT NECESSARY.

Gift Cards Features:

Email & SMS Campaigns

Take a Look at the Success rate of delivery we have achieved for The Fountain!

(these stats are unprecedented!)

Email and SMS Marketing includes :

We are Content Creators & will assist you.


Google My Business

One of the most effective methods for growing your community is your Google Business profile.

Successfully Manage your Google My Business listings directly from your platform. Maintain an engaging online presence and enhance your Center's reputation

Google My Business includes :


Easily Manage 9 Message Channels in one place:

All nine sources of incoming messages funnel into: "Conversations”. Your staff & you can respond from your phone app or from your dashboard.

your Custom Phone Number includes :

Mobile App

Superiority of the Mobile App :

The Mobile app integrates with Incoming Calls, SMS, Voice Mail, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Email, Google Business, & Live Chat.


Payment Apps Integration

Subscriptions & Invoices easily managed from your platform

Easily integrated into your platform:

QuickBooks Integration

Included with your subscription

This integration will allow you to:

creative and engaging websites

We install WordPress, on your domain. if you have yet to secure a domain name, we can help. I an English Major & have built e-commerce websites for 29+ years. . We know what resonates with your community.

Website Build Includes :


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